About Us


Blackburn Drama club was founded in 1944 and, two years ago, celebrated its 70th season.

In January 1944, at a time when war had brought stagnation to Blackburn’s amateur dramatic activity, a group of ten enthusiasts decided it was time to switch on the spotlights again. These Founder Members, led by Bill Martin and Alice Stirrup, included George Gray, Eve Barnes, Molly Toppins and Alice Leaver.

After only three weeks of their first meeting the Drama Club made its debut with a five-strong cast at the YMCA Hall in a production of “Gaslight”. The YMCA Hall became the home of the club for many years, although the Community Theatre in Troy Street was also a venue for several successful productions.

In 1958, members realised that redevelopment would make them homeless, and began looking for premises of their own, resulting in the purchase of 163, Preston New Road in 1962 at a cost of