Some lesser known facts about Blackburn Drama Club:

Daniel Hunt is the youngest actor to appear with the Drama Club. He was just four years old when he played Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol”.

Dorothy Perkins is the longest serving member of the Drama Club. She recently celebrated 60 years with us and still plays a huge part in the club’s activities.

The largest audience ever recorded was for the first production of J. B. Priestley’s “When We Are Married”.

The smallest audience was for a double bill, “The Resounding Tinkle” and “Dock Brief”.

On the first day of public booking, in order to obtain good seats for performances, a queue used to form outside Webster’s Coffee Shop on Northgate before 8:30am.

When the Drama Club first had concessions for Senior citizens there were queues of fifty to sixty people at The College Theatre waiting for the booking plan to arrive.

The National Anthem was last played before the start of a production in 1994.

Embarrassing props, an inflatable doll and a vibrator, were required for “Fur Coat and No Knickers” and “Breezeblock Park”. These props have mysteriously gone missing!

The “F” word was first uttered in a Blackburn Drama Club production of “Noises Off” in 1992 after much debate by the Drama Club Committee. Eight years later it was peppered throughout the script of “Bouncers” and no objections were raised.

Geoff Eccles has appeared in just three plays in his fifty year career at the Drama Club, but has yet to say a word!