“TALKING FACES” – A new digital series from BlackburnDrama Club COMING SOON… 🎭

As we won’t be having any on stage performances for the remainder of the year, we are gearing up to kickstart a new series of Lockdown Monologues, in the style of Alan Bennett’s “Talking Heads”, as something to watch for our members and audiences alike.

We have many talented writers in the Club and we are calling out for people to pen a 5-10 minute script telling the story of someone during lockdown. These can be humorous, or dramatic, emotional or satirical. Suzanne Nolan has very kindly offered to “ghost write” any story ideas that people may have but not able to write themselves. Anyone else willing to help Suzanne with this, please let us know! Anyone who would like to write and act/film their piece great, if not please send us your scripts and we can find an actor for you!

Your options are as follows:
1) Write AND record own Talking Faces piece.
2) Write piece but submit for someone else to perform and record.
3) Bullet point ideas for a piece for Suzanne or someone else to write.

If you are solely interested in acting someone’s monologue or writing up the ideas of someone else please let us know!

This is open to everyone, whether you have worked with the BDC before or not! Once we start receiving a few entries we will start to put a schedule together when we can start releasing them for the world to watch! ❤️